Spanish Committee

 Spanish Committee 
for the promotion of the ECI for a 
European Special Plan of Sustainable Development and for Employment

October 2012:  decision in favor of the ECI by the Spanish trade unions  / Comisiones Obreras CCOO. The promoting National Committee is promoted by UEF Spain and the federalist movement Catalan Horitzó Europa, with the participation of Mesa del tercer social sector, Fundación Catalunya-Europa. On  March 2013, hearing on the ECI in the Catalan Parliament. 

On June 12, 2012: creation of the promoting Committee in Spain.
Coordinator: Horitzó Europa (
Elena Rodríguez Espinar (Secretary), Kolja Bienert (Chair), Guido Ramellini (board member)
Members: Max Vives (Director) for Fundació Catalunya-Europa ( - Mónica Clavijo Zarate for European Alternatives ( - Armando Ferrari (Director) for INCA-CGIL Spain - Ricard Bellera (International Secretary) for Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) Catalunya ( - Max Rumignani (President) for Altraitalia.
The Committee will soon be integrated by other organizations who are to consult their governing bodies.

Twitter: @HoritzoEuropa

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